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Daniel Radcliffe Doesn’t Really Miss Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe only really has a career because of Harry Potter, let’s all be honest with each other about that. Good for him, and all – he embodied the character perfectly and I can’t imagine anyone else in the role (though I suppose I would feel differently had someone else actually played it). In any case, he said goodbye to the wizard franchise a couple of years ago and – not at all surprisingly – doesn’t miss it, really.

From The Telegraph:

“I’m excited that people will finally get a chance to see me do different stuff. We had a fantastic time doing Harry Potter but it’s really exciting to move on and doing other things.

“I’ll always be incredibly proud of it. I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you all if it weren’t for Harry Potter. I have no illusions about that. But I don’t particularly miss it. I’m very happy doing other things now.”

Well, that’s fair enough. Harry Potter is still the best, though.