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Lily Allen Looks Great and Wants You To F*ck Off

lily allen

Mainstream magazines are such bullshitters, and body shamers as well, and Lily Allen has had enough of it. Closer and The Daily Mail (LOL) have been claiming that Lily’s been feeling “self-conscious” about her weight after having her second baby in January and saying that she’s been trying hard to lose it ASAP. That’s obviously bullshit, and Lily, being the mouthy broad she is, called them out on Twitter.

This is what a “source” told Closer (which was reprinted by DM):

‘With her comeback getting nearer, Lily is becoming frustrated. She really wants to lose weight all over, but especially on what she calls her “mummy tummy”, thighs, back and face.

‘She’d love to be a toned size 10 when she hits the limelight again, but she can’t seem to get enough motivation to eat healthily. She’ll starve herself for hours, then hit the sugar because she’ll be so hungry. There will be weeks where she will work out every second day, but then she won’t go to the gym for two weeks.’

First of all, who in the hell would have this kind of inside information? Even if this was true – which, let’s be clear, it’s not – it’s not as if Lily would pick up the phone and dial up a friend and say, “You know, I’ve been starving myself for hours, but I’ve just had a Snickers now because I’m so hungry! I haven’t been to the gym in two weeks but I went for weeks and nearly died before that!” I mean… seriously?

Here’s Lily’s response on Twitter:

Look, as woman (and I suppose maybe even as humans, but women are more susceptible to this line of thinking), we’d all like to be a little thinner and have a list of things about our bodies we’re not entirely happy with. It’s bred into us BECAUSE OF THE MEDIA. We’ll never be thin enough, pretty enough, young enough, dressed nicely enough, our tits will never be big enough – or if they are, they’ll never be perky enough – etc. It’s endless. But seriously, isn’t it much more newsworthy that the girl is going to make a pop music comeback? I’m so psyched! Fuck this weight bullshit. Lily’s right – she looks great as is.

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