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Let’s Go Behind-the-Scenes of Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ Video

Katy Perry‘s video for ‘Roar’ is certainly a thing to behold, in whatever sense you wanna take that – it even got shit from PETA, so you know it’s something! Well, now we get a chance to go behind the scenes and see how the magic happened. Don’t you feel lucky?

As she explains it, “We are figuring out how to live in the jungle and survive. It’s kind of like Survivor and it’s a little bit like Lost and it’s a lot of fun. Looks like! Technically this vid was released earlier this month, but I didn’t know about it because I’m behind the times, apparently, so maybe you won’t have seen it either. If you have, so what, just go with it.

Also, seriously: When is Prism gonna leak?!