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Gwyenth Paltrow “Designed” an $845 Sweatshirt

gwyneth paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow long ago lost her grip on reality, so it’s no surprise that she thinks spending exorbitant amounts of money on everyday things is not only acceptable but desirable. Enter the “embellished sweatshirt” she designed with Matthew Williamson and is selling on her goop website for… $845. Yes, that’s $845 for a fucking black sweatshirt you could pick up at target for $10, it just has a few ugly ass crystals sewn onto it. And that makes it worth nearly a grand, apparently.

Here’s how it’s being marketed:

Together with Matthew Williamson, we’ve made the perfect statement sweatshirt for fall. The slimfit cut (like your favorite highschool sweatshirt) in olive green cotton jersey and intricate Swarovski embellishment works with denim jeans, switching to a pencil skirt for evening.

Uh, yeah, we all had $850 sweatshirts in high school – remember that? Fuck off, lady. Here’s a look at this piece of shit:


Ugh, go away.

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  • That is a beautiful shirt… The price however is insane. I’m hoping ASOS will come up with something similar for about 40 quid….

  • I think it’s hideous. I wouldn’t wear it if it were free. It reminds me of the sweatshirts that old ladies embellish with a be-dazzler. Ugh!

    • Damnn hideous! heehee Next she will be stitching fluffy cartoon bunnies on, with pompoms for tails.
      Exactly, kimchee! It looks bedazzled!

  • She is also selling wool trousers for $ 835. I suppose it is a bit cheaper because it’s not even bedazzled. ^_^

  • Just from a random curiosity perspective, it would be interesting to know exactly what happened (and when) that made her think the world actually gives a shit about her lifestyle and what she thinks about anything.

  • Yeah, she is what she is, a overindulgent snob who sells ugly ass clothes to stupid people with too much money and not enough common sense.

  • I am proud of Matthew Williamson for being the first blind clothing designer. I mean, that’s an ugly fucking shirt, i just can’t explain how everyone involved in production is also blind.

  • What a pretentious bitch. Not only is her item despicably ugly, she charges an astronomical amount of money for it. It’s hideous. Perhaps her husband can give her a few tips about what a real artist is.

  • I agree with Dina, that thing is disgusting! I wouldn’t even let my 90 year old mima wear that awful thing! She’d even get mocked at her nursing home! What is this world coming to when a clothing designer backs an item such as this? OMG…fashion is in SERIOUS trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!