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Solange Has a New Video


The better Knowles sister (sorry, it had to be said), Solange, released an EP last year that was so good, there are no words for it. While she’s working on her next full-length album, she released a new video for one of the EP tracks, ‘Lovers in the Parking Lot’, on Wednesday to sort of hold us over until she gets to it. It’s so good!

Solange is so strange in the best possible way and I absolutely love her. Her style, her sound, her personality… ugh. So, so good. And frankly, way more compelling than Beyoncé, I think. What do we think? Please don’t hate it, I take people hating my favourites personally. Kidding! (But not really.)

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  • I love Solange so much! She is very compelling and I love her enigmatic appeal. I love Beyonce as well, but for different reasons. That being said, love this song and video! And Solange is really making me want long box braids like she’s had in the past. She’s so cool, man

  • oh man I don’t like saying, “which one do you prefer”, and even Solange has said she doesn’t like it all. I think they can’t be compared because they don’t play in the same leagues? Beyoncé is a big, Super Bowl-kind of performer, with fireworks and vocal power, whereas Solange is very quirky and aims at smaller venues and a more indie sound. I like them both.