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Solange is the Better Knowles Sister, Still

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Good morning, y’all! How are we doing? I hope that it is not too early for overwhelming patterns in bright colors wherever you are, because I want to talk about Solange Knowles.  I dare say that even in that outfit, she’s still better looking than her diva of a sister.  I would go further and speculate that, despite of her proverbial quirkiness, Solange is also degrees more normal than Beyoncé.

I love Solange’s style – she’s content with exploring music and art for their very sake, and her ambition seems to be healthily aimed just at the margin of mainstream showbusiness. In so many words, I feel I can respect Solange for her reluctance to undress in order to impress, and for making catchy neo-soul tunes I don’t mind whistling while I go about my day.

If you would like to catch up with Solange, she will be performing at the upcoming annual Armory Party at the Museum of Modern Art on March 6, the night before the opening of the New York mega-fair.  Until then, enjoy my favorite song of hers, “Losing You”.

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  • Jesus woman, are you blind? It’s one thing to dislike Beyonce, its another to claim that that spare kidney of a sister is more attractive.I’m hoping it was sarcasm and the point was lost on me.

    • My sight is fine, woman :)

      As is my aesthetic taste, for that matter. Beauty is a subjective result of collective factors concerning not just the physical features of a person, but also things like the way they carry themselves, their specific facial expressions, their style reflecting their inner self, and most importantly, their intelligence. The way people speak and the things they say are definitely a huge factor in how attractive they are to me. Things like temperament and character also.

      The image they decide to share with the world is a mirror to who they are, one way or another. Beyonce’s image doesn’t automatically translates to beauty, while Solange comes across as a wonderful lady.