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For The Millionth Time, Jennifer Aniston Isn’t Pregnant

jennifer aniston red carpet life of crime premiere

Jennifer Aniston‘s rep probably has “Jennifer is not pregnant” copied and ready to paste at all times. Because for what feels like the millionth time, her rep is again denying that Ms. Aniston is pregnant, in response to this Us Weekly cover:

jennifer aniston pregnant us weekly cover

Aniston’s rep told the Daily Mail’s MailOnline, “Jennifer is not pregnant” told NY Daily News, “The entire story is a fabrication. Jennifer is not pregnant!” and spiced it up with Page Six saying, “Jennifer is NOT pregnant”. It seems that rumors started up again after Aniston was photographed in a tight-fitting purple gown. Her rep goes on to explain to Page Six, via USA Today that,

The whole story is a complete fabrication all the way from a supposed cancelled Smartwater shoot to Jennifer asking for a late check-out in Toronto and to her stylist having to rework her wardrobe. None of this ever happened and shame on Us magazine for once again getting it all wrong.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an actress been accused of being pregnant as many times as Jennifer Aniston. What is the fascination with this chick’s womb???


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  • OMG stop reporting on this bullshit speculation. I am as sick of this shit as I am sure she is. Actually stop ALL ANISTON posts she sucks. Vanilla no talent skank.

  • Until I actually see her physically birth a child, I will refuse I believe she is pregnant. Now, can Ms. Aniston stop planting these stories so that we can QUIT TALKING ABOUT THIS SHIT ALREADY?!?!

  • For F##k sake she will NEVER have her own baby EVER so just stop with this crap. I’m so F####n sick of her and her ppl always denying something that is not will not ever be a real story. I 100% agree with the 1st 2 posts she is “vanilla/boring” and just stop making this shit up Jen’s ppl.

  • Argh, they’re only obsessed on her “pregnancy” because she already declared she doesn’t want kids, so people keep wanting her to be pregnant.

  • I don’t think Jen Aniston is able to have children.It is not that she don’t want them ,but she just can’t produce them.She is barren and something is wrong with her reproductive organs.