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Britney’s Been Rehearsing 5 Hours Per Day for Her Vegas Show


britney spears

Britney Spears is getting more than $300k per show for performing at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, so she’d sure better make it worth the audience’s while, right? Well, don’t worry – she’s apparently been rehearsing like a maniac and plans on offering some greatest hits as well as her newer tracks.

From Good Morning America:

“I love Vegas. The energy is really good. I’m going to do my greatest hits, but I’m going to have to put some of my new material in to keep it fresh.”

“I’m definitely ready. I sometimes have training for five hours a day.”

Well… that’s nice. I still wouldn’t pay the ticket prices to watch what will ultimately be a lip syncing dance show, but that’s just me. I’m sure the stans will flock en masse to fill the place, and with less than a show a week on average, it’s not like she’ll need THAT many suckers to come to keep everyone happy.

Right, hands up – who wants to go to this thing?

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  • I don’t want to go! It’s sad. She’s a talentless train wreck with mental illness who is like a caged bird – singing to support her handlers. She looks so empty and sad when she’s performing. The rest of the time she just looks plain crazy or heavily medicated.

    • Couldn’t dis agree more She is looking GREAT now and she will no doubt put on a great show. If I were in town and had the money I would go for sure.

  • I’d see it however all she does anymore is walk from place to place on stage and slightly jiggle her hips like she’s over 50 y.o.. Seriously 60 y.o. Charo has quicker moves than someone 1/3 her age, Brit is stove-up and succumb to arthuritis. Watch youtube videos of Circus tour in all of them she’s basically just strutting around shakes a little then moves on to another spot and repeats AND she’s still lip-syncing to boot! Talk about going thu the motions just enough to make the audience wonder what happened, I don’t see this doing well.
    But she does look better and she should as she’s NOT THAT OLD! Seems she lets herself go then tries to quickly build it back up when it’s time to perform again, it’s too hard on the body and it’s showing.

  • The stress and pressure of Vegas is going to push Spears back over the top with her mental issues. Pressure can burst a pipe, so it surely can crack a precious little girl inside a woman.

    Good luck Britney.