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Britney Is Really Heading to Vegas, Making a Shitload of Money

britney spears

Britney really took the message of ‘Work Bitch’ to heart, it seems, as she’s finally confirmed the long-running speculation of a Las Vegas residency. Brit Brit will park it at Planet Hollywood on the Strip for a show called ‘Piece of Me’ and on Monday released a bunch of ticket packages via Ticketmaster yesterday that included meet-and-greets, signed memorabilia, alcohol (which you’ll need to bear those live vocals), etc. As you probably guessed, that shit is not cheap, though you can buy a basic ticket in the nosebleed section for $60 plus fees. I’ll pass.

If all that wasn’t enough, it turns out Britney is set to receive $310,000 PER SHOW, totaling out to $15 million per year for 48 shows – and she’ll be there two years. Seriously, we’re paying over a quarter of a million bucks to a woman who will most likely sing one song in the entire concert live and the rest will be her mic turned off and a nice dose of lip syncing. I’m not hating on what Britney does – no one really looks to her for stellar vocals, but come on! It’s not like it’s 1999 and it’s her heyday, either. Someone please explain this to me.

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