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Miley And Liam’s Engagement Is Officially Called Off To The Surprise Of No One

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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth finally decided that their fake engagement had run its course and are officially announcing their separation. Yeah, you really had us convinced, Miley. Even your dad was calling your bluff. Here are the complete lack of details from People:

It’s officially over: Reps for both Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth confirm to PEOPLE exclusively that the engagement is off between the two stars.

Reps for both stars had no further comment.

So, why do you think they finally decided to split? Maybe he thought she was way too annoying and/or just “too f-cked up”? Maybe she just wasn’t into him…or any dudes?


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  • I think he got tired of her antics and weird behaviour. He wants to be taken seriously and with a girlfriend who is on the front page of all gossip blogs it will be quite hard.

    • Agreed. All the Hemsworth guys seem like good guys with heads on straight. I think he was tired of her 12 year old girl acting out antics. And they got engaged so quickly it was kind of bound to not stick.

  • Yeah…he’s mature (and normal) while she’s not. I’m sure she’ll try and move on to someone more attractive, but it’s a shame to let that guy go.

  • Idiots are totally buying that he “all of a sudden” is a cheater and a liar. That man deserves a medal! He stayed with her a full year after the mental breakdown started. She changed- not him. People are blind.

  • she’s really annoying, desperate for attention(who isn’t at that age/in that industry?!?) and is totally wrong in trying to appropriate black culture but it’s appalling how many people blame her for their split. She only recently emerged with this new persona but the cheating popped up before then(let’s also remember he’s a guy in his early 20s so please use the word “mature” carefully).
    I’m convinced his behavior has just as much to do with it as hers
    so please, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, let’s stop shaming her for wearing something that honestly covers more of her body than what some people wear to the beach, and her embarrassing display and maybe consider the fact that these people were just too fucking young to get married