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God Help Simon Cowell’s Baby If This Is What It Looks Like

simon cowell lauren silverman

It’s old news by now – Simon Cowell knocked up his friend’s soon-to-be ex-wife, Lauren Silverman, and now they’re “dating” and having this baby together and it’s all wonderful. Lauren’s not a gold-digger, Simon’s already been changed by a baby that hasn’t even been born yet and it’s all just great… or it was, that is, until VoucherCodesPro mocked up images of what Simon Jr might end up looking like and horrified us all forever.

In order for you to share in my nightmares, here are the possibilities that lie ahead:

simon cowell baby mock-up

Ouch. I mean, I don’t subscribe to the idea that “all babies are cute” – most of them are because they look like little old men/ladies and that’s hilarious and adorable in and of itself. Some babies are so ugly that they circle back ’round to cuteness again. Other babies are just… Jesus, take the wheel, if you get my drift. I know this is a mock-up, but let’s all be glad for that. also, why does that baby look like it’s wearing a toupee?

Here’s the mock-ups of what she/he might look like by age 7:

simon cowell kid

SMH. The girl looks like Renesmee, and if you don’t know who that is, then show yourself the door (or be super proud, because it’s totally Bella/Edward’s half-vampire kid from Twilight).

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