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Film Blogger Called 911 Because People Were Using Cell Phones During A Movie

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Even though this story isn’t about a major celeb, I thought it had to be shared. Alex Billington, who blogs for, called 911 during a film screening because people in the theater were using their cell phones and boy, this just steamed his hams. The guy was basically mad as hell and couldn’t take it any more. I’m reminded of Beyoncé’s anger and the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s  frustrations with fans using cell phones to take nonstop photos/videos at concerts. It’s terribly annoying when anyone uses a cell phone in a venue. But oh my God, it is in no way life-threatening and calling 911 is a really stupid move. The 911 operator thought so, too. They laughed at him. Here’s more, from

Billington [then] took to Twitter to vent his anger. He claimed to be concerned that the movie, the horror film “The Sacrament,” was being pirated, and that “drastic measures” were called for in restoring moviegoing etiquette.

“I’m just trying to fight the good fight,” wrote Billington, “even if others don’t agree with my methods.”

Dude. I don’t think there is a single sane person out there who would agree with your methods. Or reasoning. But if there are, speak up. I want to hear your argument.

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  • Ummm, no. You don’t call 911 for that – 911 is a service reserved for life-threatening emergencies. This is a dick move. You have a problem with it (which I totally get – can people not put their phones down for TWO HOURS?) then go to the theater manager and get them kicked out.

  • Sadly this is not an isolated incident. I’m a 911 dispatcher. If people knew all the lame ass reasons people call 911 for they would be aghast. Like the people who call 911 because McDonald’s gets their order wrong. Or the Denny’s waitress brings them coke instead of dr pepper. Or some random person on the street called them – wait for it…… Fat. So when ur being chased by a guy with a knife or a family member isn’t breathing & ur on hold for 911 you can thank these assholes.