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Yeah Yeah Yeahs On Taking Photos And Video At Concerts: “Put That Shit Away”

yeah yeah yeahs concert

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are sick of your bullshit cell phones. At their latest concert, they posted signs asking you not to, “WATCH THE SHOW THROUGH A SCREEN ON YOUR SMART DEVICE/CAMERA” and to “PUT THAT SHIT AWAY.” They mention that it’s really annoying to the people sitting behind you.

I hadn’t thought of that, but it’s true. In a very dark amphitheater it’s pretty annoying to try to enjoy a show when the jerk(s) in front of you are holding up iPhones/Androids/any smart phone/cameras/even IPADS! The screen is distracting, all bright and glowy, and sometimes blocks your view. The iPads are the worst. Idiots. Who the hell holds up an iPad to take photos and video? A surprising amount of people. I would bet this happens a lot at Justin Bieber concerts, but that was before I learned that a lot of his Twitter followers aren’t even real. But anyway, constant photo taking and video recording at concerts is really damn annoying.

It’s almost as annoying as my goddamn neighbors who are playing music so loudly that my windows are shaking. Yeah, “Thrift Shop” is a great song, I like it too, it’s really fun, BUT TURN IT THE F-CK DOWN.

According to Laughing Squid, the notice worked pretty well.

My favorite thing is that you just know this sign was Instagrammed and tweeted thousands of times.

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  • They should use the DOD’s jamming frequency to disable all cell phones and recording devices during shows!

  • Self-absorbed douches. They should be lucky anybody shows up to their shows. Have you hear that shit?

    • Haha, “self-absorbed” is a word that describes people who are so obsessed with documenting a moment in their lives that they fail to actually experience it with others.

      • No, it doesn’t work both ways. If you don’t understand the idea of respecting the artist and giving a performance your full attention for an hour, you don’t belong there. Someone else deserves to be there in place of you.

      • I agree, about giving the artist your full attention. If you’re going to watch the show through your phone, you might as well just stay home and watch it on YouTube and let someone else enjoy it.

      • I say if you pay your money you can do whatever you feel like if it’s acceptable to the concert venue. And cell phone recording is acceptable. So deal with it. Times change. What’s next, no gym shoes, black people, nobody over 30. I tell you, it’s Russia all over again.

        More than likely they’re so embarrassed of their live performance they don’t want it showing up on YouTube.

    • Have you ever had to stand behind someone filming a gig or taking photos? It’s literally impossible to see. You’re at their mercy, especially if you’re short like I am. I have seen people with fucking IPADS. It’s disrespectful, if not the band, at least to the people behind you who are trying to see beyond your bloody arms.

  • @ Jim Liu
    “it’s Russia all over again”?
    What do you mean by that? No drinking in public? No public transportation? No health insurance? No nudity? No free education?