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Susan Boyle Did a Duet with Elvis For Her Christmas Album

susan boyle elvis presley

If you’re a secret SuBo lover, time to come out of hiding. This is a safe space for you, Susan Boyle fans. This year, she’s coming out with a Christmas album entitled Home For Christmas. I love Christmas, so this is great news… but it gets even better! On the song ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’, SuBo did a “duet” with Elvis Presley by using digital technology to blend their vocals. Love it!

From The Sunday People:

“To put a unique twist on classic Christmas songs is truly wonderful.

“I grew up listening to Elvis and to sing with him, well, I didn’t think it would be possible. Isn’t technology brilliant? The track is for my father – and for Elvis.”

I’m sure the King would be pleased.

Yes, obviously I’m sorta taking the piss because I doubt I’ll ever listen to Susan Boyle’s Christmas album, but I do think it’s great she’s found success and I wasn’t lying when I said I love Christmas. Elvis has a great Christmas album that I do actually listen to quite a lot (which is, I imagine, where SuBo got the vocals she used on her track), so there’s that.

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  • Why not at least give her Christmas album a listen? Have you ever listened to her voice? You might be pleasantly surprised.