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Robin Thicke Cupped Some Woman’s Ass

robin thicke douche

Robin Thicke is really living it up this week, thanks to a diabolical performance with She Who Must Not Be Named at the MTV VMAs. Careful, Robin. Looks like you’re flying a little too close to the sun. Like maybe you shouldn’t cup some random woman’s ass in a photo. We know you’re married. Here’s the photo:

robin thicke grabs fan's ass

He’s really getting up there. Goddamn. The chick is some rando named Lana Scolaro. The Daily Mail (via Daily News) described her as a, “New York student and socialite.” LOL, shut up Daily Mail. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Go home. You’re drunk.

Someone (not Scolaro) tweeted the photo to ROBIN’S WIFE (with whom he has, “nothing but respect for“) with, “Look at the reflection girl.” Oh lord.

Let me guess, Robin. You knew she wanted it? You knew she needed it?

Here’s another photo of them getting pretty damn cozy:

robin thicke with fan

Ugh and ew at both of them.

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  • He and his wife are in an open relationship from what I hear. Also, that’s not a random woman–she’s supposedly some English heiress Thicke fucks on the regular.

    But that’s all just word on the street, I haven’t seen any of it confirmed.

  • if she’s rich, she can afford help with that ghostly face make-up problem. gross. bet she does lines off his dick…

  • well he himself said “what a pleasure it is to degrade a woman, after respecting them for such a long time” so did you expect aaaaany better? I will just be satisfied when he fades into obscurity again.