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Lindsay Lohan Is Desperately Trying To Get Meryl Streep’s Attention

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Lindsay “300 Strikes And You’re Out” Lohan has been doing pretty well since she got out of rehab for the millionth time. She got paid $2 million for an interview with Oprah (that no one watched) as well as a “docuseries.” She hosted an episode of Chelsea Lately and shot a guest appearance on the TV show Eastbound & Down. She got good reviews — the only good reviews — for the crapfest known as The Canyons. There’s even rumors that she’ll host the season premiere of Saturday Night Live.

So I guess since everything’s coming up Lohan, Lohan’s striking while the iron is hot by trying to get Meryl Streep‘s attention. Lohan and Ms. Streep actually starred in a film together way back in 2006, A Prairie Home Companion. That’s 7 years ago in normal people time, fourteen in Lohan years. Yesterday Lohan posted their 2006 photoshoot for Entertainment Weekly on her Instagram with #tbt. TBT stands for “throwback Thursday.” The context makes sense but still, girl. Kinda desperate.

lindsay lohan meryl streep instagram photo

My favorite comment is “lol wut”.

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