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I Am Done Giving Miley Attention

robin thicke miley cyrus mtv vmas

Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke gave a really crappy performance at the MTV VMAs and I am just so effing over it. I’m sick of giving Miley attention for “just being Miley” and I’m sick of giving Robin Thicke attention for being (not having) a big dick.

I am not going to report on any of Miley’s VMA antics or the aftermath. People are losing their shit over her and Thicke’s stupid routine. Enough.

People are also forgetting that Thicke looked just as stupid, sang just as poorly, and was just as gross. This was not all Miley’s fault.

She can’t stop, she’s made that clear. So, for the very last time, here is a round-up of Miley/Thicke gifs and photos from that diabolical spectacle. And then that’s it. The end. I am so goddamn sick of this girl.

miley vma gif tongue

robin miley gif mtv vmas

miley humping foam hand

robin thicke vmas

miley cyrus robin thicke vmas

miley cyrus robin thicke vma performance

miley cyrus vma performance

miley cyrus vma performance twerk


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  • I wonder if she was going for some kind of Japanimation devil-princess effect? If she was going for eerie, well at least she pulled that off.

    Doesn’t matter. She sucked as far as I’m concerned. She didn’t offend me by being provocative. Many other starlets have gone for that.

    What offends me is that she is supposed to be an entertainer and she CAN’T EVEN BLOODY DANCE! She moves awkwardly around the stage life some drunken tween (humm… maybe add some coke and acid into the mix) looking gross and uncoordinated. She has zero sense of real rhythm. The only thing she does well is twerking, and that is no fucking accomplishment. Just means she could probably be an amazing lap dancer.

    Keep it off the stage, kiddo.

  • Just because you don’t like Robin Thicke doesn’t mean he sucks. Actually I do think the crappy show was all Miley’s fault. Her performance was a fail from the very beginning. (The seconds she stepped out of that giant bear and tried to walk down the stairs while repeatetly sticking out her tongue were cringeworthy.)
    When he went on stage there was at least somebody else to look at.

  • I call bullshit CSI you will do what your told just like every other little smear on the the web. ahahha

  • And what I really wanted to say, as it is with most writers (all writing is re-writing) is that in spite of everything… Miley is preaching to the rich partyers…

    When she goes under, she will have high-end rehabs to go to… What is going to happen to her fans who have no such options?

  • I mean, you know, Miley was such a wench. She took a song with such a family friendly original video and made it trashy. Naked women and date rapey lyrics. That bitch!

  • Wow, she went from a beautiful disney girl that my sister used to adore, and now, well don’t even go there! I can’t even let her watch Miley no more! She has gotten too out of control.

    • right?! i’m shocked no one picked on him for being a little too tubby for that suit. well, in comparison to miley, i guess he got overshadowed… but yeah, his little teddy bear gut was crackin’ me up. i think it’s coke bloat.

  • I was initially so shocked by what she did that I failed to realize exactly what it was that I was shocked about.

    It wasn’t the “lasciviousness,” I realized. Madonna incorporated all of that and no one ever got the sense that she was out of control.

    But Miley reminded me of a much more disturbing figure from my past.

    In the late 70’s the blistering blowtorch band, The Stranglers, came to my then hometown of Ottawa, Ont. The impression they made on most of the lost detritus babes– who were predominantly the offspring of lost detritus late 50’s babe parents–was so mind-blowing that just about everyone I knew went “punk” overnight.

    The mood that evening in that venue ( a high school auditorium of all places) scared the living shit out of me. It was that explosive.

    But there was a girl in the crowd who go dragged around by a number of equally fucked up male cronies until she reached the stage. There she danced in a “just kill me now fashion” with a goddamn wig attached to her pubic region. The rest if her skimpy outfit was flesh colored.

    The next day I was informed that she killed herself.

    And guess who reminds me of her now. Yes, Miss Miley, who I don’t think is very well these days. I hope she gets help.

  • And more. Maybe this girl killed herself because she could not live with the shame that she had shown the whole world how fucking pissed off she was with it.

    Don’t let that happen to you, Miley.

    There is no shame in being that angry.

  • robin was very angry that mileywas all up on him. she didnt plan this at rehearsal and he has a wife and two kids!! he tweeted saying how upset he was!!!!!!!!!!!

  • That is so disgusting how she’s acting now. She is trying to pull a Madonna, but worse. Madonna is the ONLY one who can pull off stuff like that and still be respected and liked.

  • Mann i didnt see much of this performance cuz i missed it but i wonder what her own parents think and shes being a REALLLY BAD INFLUENCE TO HER YOUNGER SISTER. After miley got her haircut i thought tht was just it but i had a feeling that she wasnt going to go to on the right direction on her life… She thinks that her hair wasnt enough for her miley cyrus appearance. Miley/hannah really was my idol when i was growing up. Now i cant even look at her anymore.. Ohh and wats wit the teddy bear trend, twerking (she sucks BADLY), sticking out her tongue, sex symbolizing, trampy stage clothes ( her entrance outfit was too skin revealing enough and then she takes tht off to a MORREE like shes practicly naked outfit. The color tho…), that foam finger she acting like shes fingering herself with tht nd acting like she has a di*k up her vjj DX shame, adultry when your still a baby is not right love…

  • If we are truly done with this can’t evil beet do us a solid and remove that damn video cap that loads automatically each time I come to this page? Too much to ask?

    • Not sure what you’re on about, but if it’s ads: use a browser that supports adblock plus (; takes care of a lot of problems when browsing.