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Christina Milian Isn’t Coming Back to ‘The Voice’

christina milian

I know The Voice is an immensely popular series, and I have to live blog it every season for another job so I have to watch it, but I’m not really into it. I get that the format is slightly interesting – that people who might not look like your typical stars can have a chance at stardom… until the actual show starts, they see your face and decide to let you go, that is.

In any case, one of the absolute worst parts of the live broadcast HAS to be the Sprint Skybox, where Christina Milian stands around in formalwear giving mini interviews to contestants and their families before letting out a completely fake, completely childish giggle and throwing it back down to the action on the floor. Luckily, she’s decided to take a break from her social media correspondent post in order to work on some music.

From Extra:

“I took a break this season so I can work on my music. I’ve watched so many of these artists up there performing, I get that envy. I want it to be me. It’s that time, and sometimes it takes a little sacrifice.”

As for the type of music Christina wants to create, she says her album will be a mix of “urban, pop, sexy and fun.”

Considering we haven’t written about Christina Milian on this site since 2010, maybe music will help get her popular enough to talk about. I don’t remember any hits she’s had before, but there’s still time!

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  • dip it low was a hit about 10 years ago i cant think of any others …who is really waiting for new music from her.

  • Thank God she’s leaving. Her try-too-hard “interviews” were embarassing to watch. And her voice is absolutely grating.

  • Thank God, she was horrible. Insiders have said that the host of the show Carson Daily was actually complaining about her to the “higher ups”, trying to get her fired. hmmmm……