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Christina Milian Gets Written About On Gossip Blogs

Oh, wow! Remember Christina Milian? She didn’t “happen” so long ago that I’ve forgotten her completely, but I probably go months and months at a time before remembering she’s alive. Then I saw today that she’s going to court over that incident where her dog attacked her neighbor and I was all, “Christina Milian! Let’s check in with that bitch! She’s mostly irrelevant, but adorable.” So that’s what we’re doing.

TMZ is reporting that Christina’s neighbor is still suffering, emotionally and physically, from injuries obtained by her pit bull when he attacked him in 2008. He is claiming that it was the family’s negligence that lead to the attack, which happened when he went over to Christina’s house to let her know that house was having a flooding problem that was destroying his property.

It sounds like things were pretty messy over at the Milian house, which Christina shares with her mother and her sister. Still, I’d be interested to know, as a dog owner and lover, if the dog was even remotely provoked. While attacks like this shouldn’t be taken lightly, I do think people have generally sucky “dog etiquette” these days.

ANYWAY! Nice to hear from you, Christina Milian.

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  • I think theres been one or two cases in the past few years of pitbull attacking and killing children in the United Kingdom… as a breed they really don’t have the best rep (although I have a friend who has two lovely pit bulls, so it just depends how they’re brought up I guess).

  • He went over there for a legitimate reason, so it’s not like he did anything wrong. Yeah, the dog is defending its territory.. but someone is going to have to come to your door eventually, so you shouldn’t have your dog running around in front of your house if you know it doesn’t take kindly to strangers.

    • i own a ‘dangerous’ dog and agree with you. if your dog cant be trusted around people, you know it. and you should be responsible for it. i agree that any breed should not be banned, but i recognize my dog’s power and always take precautions/am aware of what hes up to. he doesnt have a mean bone in his body but i know that just like people, anybody can snap. better to be safe than sorry!

  • I’d imagine that being attacked by a pitbull is a little different than being nipped by a puppy- they attack to kill and will attack unprovoked. It also reports that the dog escaped, so it was probably not provoked, and that the guy was 81 years old.

    • I will not comment on any thing other than your ignorant statement that pitbulls attack TO KILL. So wrong on so many levels and this is why there has been attempted legislation to limit the breeding of this dog. Dogs attack to kill when they are trained to do so or when it has become defensively necessary, as in they have been mistreated or abused. As for unprovoked: I do also believe that people buy pitbulls to feel safe and then endow the pitbull with the belief that they are now the home and family protector. Without proper training and a strong sense of human leadership, any dog can become a terror and attack to kill. As a pet care professional for over eight years who personally walks 3 purebred pitbulls daily who kiss me and babies when they are allowed, I know this is all rubbish. Some dumb starlet following the DMX and Michael Vick school of dog training and all pitbulls are evil. Be smart people.

  • Barklyn Heights is 100% correct. I do not know of any dog that attacks to kill or that attacks will attack unprovoked. That is an ignorant statement. I am the PROUD owner of pitbull and he is by far the sweetest dog that I have ever had. I have had mixed breed dogs that were quicker to be aggressive than my pitbull. Unfortunately no matter how much awareness is brought out about the loving nature of pitbulls they will always be judged as a dangerous breed. Just like some peoples idea that all black people are poor, uneducated, ghetto individuals.