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Joey Fatone’s Dad Ruined The Surprise *NSYNC Reunion

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Joey Fatone‘s dad is so bad at keeping surprises. I think all dads of celebs are bad at keeping secrets. Like when Miley’s dad let it slip that she’s probably not going to get married. Classic dad move.

MTV is being coy about reuniting *NSYNC at the VMAs this Sunday. Nothing is confirmed. So who knows even if Daddy Fatone is legit or if he’s just really excited about the idea. From The Daily News:

Though Lance Bass refused to confirm whether the beloved boy band would get back together at the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night, another former *NSYNC-er’s father spilled the beans on the reunion.

Joseph Fatone Sr., the father of Joey Fatone, told Radar Online that the group is indeed reuniting. And that’s not all.
“They’re doing a performance,” he said. “I think it’s exciting,” Fatone Sr. added. “I couldn’t even say why he’s doing it through. Why, at this point in his life. Now he’s his own man.”

That last bit was weird. Was he throwing shade on the rest of the band?

Would you be psyched to see *NSYNC perform? Clearly I would be. Need a refresher of some *NSYNC goodness?