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Joey Fatone

Joey Fatone’s Dad Ruined The Surprise *NSYNC Reunion

Joey Fatone‘s dad is so bad at keeping surprises. I think all dads of celebs are bad at keeping secrets. Like when Miley’s dad let it slip that she’s probably not going to get married. Classic dad move. MTV is being coy about reuniting *NSYNC at the VMAs this Sunday. Nothing is confirmed. So who knows even if Daddy Fatone is...

Joey Fatone, Winnie From ‘The Wonder Years’ and One of Charlie Sheen’s Goddesses Are Making a Movie Together

I don’t know if this is the most ingenious casting job I’ve ever seen or just the craziest, but pornstar and current Charlie Sheen goddess Bree Olson is set to star in her first non-pornographic film, Mancation. The other two people cast whose names you may recognize? Danica Mckellar AKA Winnie Cooper and Joey Fatone AKA the grossest...

Stop Taking This Gig, Celebrities!

First Chelsea Handler, now Joey Fatone. How much is Charmin paying these C-listers to pretend like they’re taking a shit for the cameras??? JUST SAY NO, CELEBRITIES!!!! DO NOT TAKE THIS JOB. EVER. Here’s Joey Fatone inaugurating the Charmin Public Restrooms in Times Square. Cute.


What the fuck is this??? Backstreet BoyN*SYNC-er Joey Fatone (REMEMBER KIDS, IT’S FUNNY BECAUSE HE WAS THE FAT ONE) has signed on to co-host the red carpet for the TV Guide network. His partner in crime? Lisa Rinna. Who the fuck is Lisa Rinna? “Joey is a top-notch professional with a natural likeability and great sense of humor, all...