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Can The New Season of ‘Homeland’ Just Start Already?

The new season of Homeland is going to be premiering at the end of September, but Showtime keeps teasing us with all these sneak peeks and it’s driving me crazy. In the latest one, we see Carrie and Brody – who were separated at the end of last season after that crazy ass explosion when she left him at the Canadian border – come face to face again. Are they back together? How and where will Brody hide? What’s going to happen? I MUST KNOW RIGHT NOW.

This show is too good. Sure, it’s not 100% “realistic”, but does that even matter? I have to deal with reality 24 hours a day – can’t I have one hour a week where there’s a bit of a suspended reality that’s also really, really great to watch? Bring on the new season.

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  • omg already?? I love Homeland so much, Carrie Mathieson is one of my favourite characters EVER, can’t wait to see what is going to happen.