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Everybody Get Excited: There’s a New ‘Homeland’ Trailer Out!

If you haven’t watched Homeland before, you still have about six weeks to catch up on the first two seasons before the third one starts, so I recommend you get on that. Claire Danes in what is arguably the best role of her entire career? Check. Mandy Patinkin being fucking awesome? Check. British people with American accents? Check. Annoying teenagers who overact? Check. Drama that’s totally not how things would play out in real life but is still completely addicting and almost but not quite believable? Check. Are you picking up what I’m putting down? You gotta watch it!

The third season of Homeland starts on September 29, and we should be picking up where we left off (spoiler-ish alert): Carrie’s back at the CIA with Saul, Brody’s on the run, his family doesn’t know what the hell to think, etc. While the trailer shows a series of clips all out of sync and doesn’t give too much detail, it’s just enough to get excited about. AHHHH!

What are your theories for the upcoming season? What did you think of the way things ended last time? I’m still devastated about the whole Carrie/Brody fallout.

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  • I don’t want to even conjure theories. I want to clear my mind and let it all happen, unexpectedly, amazingly.
    Agreed with all of your comments. Claire Danes has hit her stride and has done so with hurricane force.