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‘Homeland’ Update: Damian Lewis Is a Buzzkill, Says Carrie and Brody Are Over

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Everyone knows that Claire Danes and Damian Lewis as Carrie and Brody on Homeland are absolutely f-cking brilliant. And they’re also just f-cking a lot – well, were, until all hell broke loose and that car bomb went off and whatnot. They’re the worst possible couple in the world, but that’s sort of why they’re so great to watch. No love quite like tragic love – in TV and film, of course. In real life, that shit needs to go.

Anyway, that’s all coming to a close for good, I guess, as Buzzkill Damian accepted the Freedom of the City of London on Tuesday and told the crowd that Brody and Carrie are no more (via DigitalSpy):

Lewis commented that the pair’s unlikely romance is not “a story that has got legs”, arguing: “They’d be in the divorce courts very quickly.”

Uh, that story was pretty much THE legs of the entire series thus far. Obviously it was ill-fated and couldn’t go on forever, but come on, bro. In other news, I LOVE HOMELAND. What the hell is going to happen in season three? How long will Brody stay in Canada? How long will Carrie stay on her meds? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

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  • Uggghhhh Lewis you’re crazy hot, but do not wreck our hopes! I love them together, and Carrie Mathison is in my top 5 best ever characters along with Peggy Olson and Joan Holloway. FOREVER. I just want them to be together, boo.

  • gonna have to start watching this show now – i hear too much good stuff about it. and that redhead is yummy – bonus.