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Uh Oh, Is Bachelorette Desiree Over Her Fiance Already?

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Desiree Hartsock, our most recent Bachelorette, pretty much picked her second choice, Chris Siegfried. Her first choice, Brooks, chose to leave the show. Probably so he could make out with more older women. So Desiree picked Chris, and people gave her a lot of shit for it, saying she didn’t really love him and just wanted to get married.

Well, there are rumors that the pair aren’t happy and may be ready to break up soon.

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I’m honestly surprised that she moved to Seattle for him. I thought they would have broken up before that happened. But real life in Seattle seems to pale in comparison to the dream life they had on The Bachelorette. From inTouch:

 The pair, who got engaged on the Aug. 5 season finale, are even sharing a car — Chris’ dented Honda Civic, which is a big change from the Bentley she drove around in on the show. “When Chris takes the car to work, Des is stranded at home,” a source tells In Touch. “They kicked off their first weekend in Seattle with a whimper — just after 10 on their first Friday night, their car was parked safely in the driveway.”

And as their daily lives have slowed down dramatically, from exotic escapades to trips to Target, so has the passion. Spotted shopping for patio furniture and clothes hangers at a Fred Meyer supermarket on Aug. 15, an eyewitness tells In Touch, “Chris seemed totally disinterested [in Des]. There was zero affection between them.”

Des’ brother Nate, who is convinced that Chris was not her first choice, also insists his sister’s new life in Seattle won’t last. “She’s a California girl at heart. She could come back in a year or several years from now,” Nate says. “But for sure, she’ll eventually return.”

I want to point out, in all fairness to Chris, that when I’m in the supermarket, I look like I want to kill myself. The supermarket is miserable. But the warning signs are there. The fastest way to ruin a relationship is to share a car. And her brother knows her really well, so if he’s saying it’s not going to last, there’s a lot of weight in that.

However, Bachelor Biceps and Boring Fiance are still together, so anything is possible. Although they also haven’t wed yet.