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Despite Being In Love With Another Man, The Bachelorette Got Engaged

bachelorette desiree chris

This season of The Bachelorette was ridiculous and dramatic. Desiree Hartsock, after being dumped by her #1 choice, Brooks Forester, the only guy she said she loved, a mere 2 days later she decides that she was really in love with her second choice, Chris Siegfried (sucking face with her above). He proposed, and she accepted. But not before she interrupted his proposal to tell him how she really felt about the other guy. People recapped it:

I do want to be completely honest with you. I was torn apart by Brooks’s leaving. I loved him … I feel like I was blindsided by my feelings for Brooks that I couldn’t see the one thing I always needed. […] I love you so much.

Ummm…I don’t know if you saw part 1 of the finale last week, but she was devastated when Brooks left. Or should I say…Desirastated.

My point is that she sobbed, after he left, “I just want to go home” so it’s pretty clear this dude is just a consolation prize and she doesn’t want to be single anymore.

Oh, also, this is your new Bachelor. Juan Pablo.

juan pablo new bachelor

Did you watch the finale? THOUGHTS???

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  • Who watches this drivel except teenage girls and women who are likely to be scammed by any guy half-way good looking or are completely useless?