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Kanye West Can’t Stay Away From Kim Kardashian and Baby North


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Despite reports that Kanye West treats girlfriend and mother of his child Kim Kardashian like a prisoner, the flip side reports that he loves them so much that he can’t even bear to be away from them. The story goes that Yeezy went to Greece with friends to chill and do some promotion for Yeezus but came back after only two days because he missed them so much. Take that one with a grain of salt – he probably just missed his $750k gold-plated toilet.

From The Mirror:

The new dad was spotted looking miserable (for a change) in Mykonos, Greece – wearing a not-very-practical outfit of leather-look trousers, black t-shirt and a backpack.

But after flying all the way to Greece two days ago, Kanye reportedly couldn’t bear to be apart from his new family and er, turned around and went all the way back to LA.

“Everyone around him seemed to be enjoying the day, laughing and joking but Kanye kept to himself. He didn’t seem to be having much fun,” said an onlooker. Are you sure that’s not just his er, normal face?

“Kanye went to Greece for two days with business friends of his and Kim’s. He’s back home in LA now,” said another source.

Well, that’s… special. We’ve all lost interest in this family now, right?

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  • They’ve allllllllmost been gone long enough. But can they REALLY ever be gone long enough?? Are you going to cover Kris’s stunt-queen BS on her show?

  • I’ve been to Mykonos. Oh yes I really have. It’s incredibly beautiful. If you go there you do not want to come back. This dickhead is going to waste such a trip in such a place being miserable? I don’t want to hear about it.

  • Childish, stupid, selfish brat IS blindly led to act the fool with arrogant delusions of grandeur.. with money, paid enablers ..he is his own worst enemy..