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Kanye Apparently Treats Kim Like A Prisoner

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Kanye West has been very quiet about the birth of his daughter North West. Kim, not as much, but still pretty quiet considering who she is. Perhaps she’d be louder if Kanye wasn’t so controlling. A source told Radar that he basically treats her like a prisoner. I Don’t Like You In That Way posted the story and pointed out that any “source” with Kardashian news is likely one of the Kardashians themselves. Probably Kris. So take this for what you will. From Radar, via IDLYITW:

Kanye West is aggressively micromanaging every aspect of his baby mama Kim Kardashian‘s life, as an insider says the socialite is “walking on eggshells” — and staying indoors — to appease the controlling hip-hop star. “She has to do what he says — or else,” a source told In Touch, in an article that claims Kim has been “trapped by a madman” who’s doing his all to control her every move. ”She knows the littlest thing can set him off. She knows not to push Kanye too far … she’s doing her best to keep him happy.” Since the birth of his daughter North West June 15, a source told the magazine the Paranoid singer has “brought in more security around the house and won’t let Kim leave.” The intrusion sets into everything from what Kim’s wearing, to what she’s tweeting, insiders say.“When the time comes for her to step out into public, he wants her to be wearing outfits he picked out for her,” a source said. “He’s telling her sisters, mom — everyone — what they can and cannot post on twitter.”

So dramatic! That last part sounds like an excellent idea, though. SOMEONE needs to reign in the Kardashians. Let that someone be Kanye. It’s pretty creepy though if he’s pulling a Rosemary’s Baby and isn’t letting her leave the house or see her friends. I guess that would explain why Kim visited her mom’s show via satellite than in person. Or maybe she just wasn’t ready to go on a talk show, and made that decision for herself.

And really, I don’t think anyone misses her.

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  • Nah, she’s staying indoors because her her surgery/weight loss/whatever stunt so nobody sees her in between – she’ll come out when she’s happy with her looks.

  • I’d keep her indoors, too! Style tip for Kanye: All the black netting in the world can camouflage dat post-baby azz!

  • He sounds like a controlling asshole but thats what she gets for being so stupid and putting up with it. Its not like she couldnt move out and support herself.

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