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Something’s Up With Jack (White)

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Jack White‘s ex-wife, Karen Elson, was successfully granted a restraining order against him after claiming harassment. Apparently he “bullied” her “into submission.” The whole thing is kind of bizarre. More from The Hollywood Reporter:

White has allegedly has harassed the mother of his two children over the settlement of their divorce.

“Wife fears for her and the children’s safety as a result of this harassment,” the order reads.

Here’s where it gets weird. Apparently it was White’s jealousy issues that tore them apart…his jealousy over other musicians.

According to the court filing, White asked Elson to contact their children’s private school to have their kids taken out of a class with the child of an entertainer whom White said ripped off his music. The order also says White criticized Elson for going to the wedding of a musician who he said also “ripped off” his music. The musician was not named in the filing.

That is a whole new level of self-absorbed musician. Like, wow.

Who do you think this rival musician is?

And because he’s such a Tim Burton character already, this is what popped into my head (start at 40 seconds):

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  • Well, that sounds like something that would be a little demon in Jack White’s head. Most men are jealous over other men; Jack is jealous over other men’s music. A lot of genuis and genre-changing artists have had their “quirks” and private torments and that’s a shame. I hope Jack gets a grip on reality: He’s a one of a kind and imitation is flattery.