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Newsflash: Paris Hilton Is Shooting An “Amazing” New Video

paris hilton

Paris Hilton released that flop of an album, Paris, in 2006 and we all just assumed that was the end of that and we’d no longer have to be tortured by thoughts of Paris making “music” anymore. How wrong we were! In fact, she’s finished recording her new album and even completed shooting on a video for its first single, entitled (surprise!) ‘Good Time’. If you want more proof of what pure class this will be, the vid was choreographed by Pussycat Dolls creator Robin Antin.

This whole thing screams hot mess. You can’t even IRONICALLY like Paris Hilton’s music like you can, say, Countess LuAnn’s. Come on, you know “Money Can’t Buy You Class’ is one of the best jams of the millennium (I’ve just put it on YouTube as we speak). I can’t even believe anyone is letting this happen – it’s all Lil Wayne‘s fault. Paris Hilton needs to stick to… I dunno, calling things “hot” and spending money she did nothing to earn.

In the meantime, here’s some bullshit promotional tweets she put up:

Please let me know two things: one, how high Lil Wayne was when he thought signing her was a good idea and two, who is going to “rage” to her single in a way that’s not homicidal.

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  • its going to be edm and just a bit of tuned signing… catchy in a guilty way I think…

    what was that song again? something about blind stars I can remember the tune… just not any words; come on she’s Paris Hilton, she’s rich and she’ll give us a guilty pleasures pop tune that no one admits to having on their ipods

  • Stars are blind was actually pretty good (omg I hope nobody I know irl ever sees this :-x)