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Here’s a Song That Paris Hilton and Lil Wayne Did Together

Does it pain you to have to read that headline? Because it pained me to have to write it, ugh.

Seriously though, is this why Lil Wayne had all those strokes or whatever last month? Was it this Paris tie? Because I’d really believe it if someone told me that was the reason.

Last, this is probably the worst f-cking song I’ve ever heard in life, and I heard ‘It’s Thanksgiving‘ this week for the first time, guys. Do the math.

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  • Yep. That was awful.

    Not the worst song I’ve ever heard. (Gaga’s was worse.)

    And I really despise little Paris. :/

    Not a big fan of Lil Wayne, but some of his stuff is alright.

    The problem with this is Wayne’s part is too fast and “Paris'” (?) is too slow.

    I have a VERY hard time believing that is Paris singing. Autotuned out the ass and post-processed to shit. And it sounds like horrible 90’s techno.


  • That song was really bad, and the video was terrible! That scene with her writhing all over the car while “washing” it was just so stupid.

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