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Kelly Osbourne’s Not Allowed to Drive

kelly osbourne

Kelly Osbourne has plenty to celebrate what with her recent engagement to her Rapunzel-haired boyfriend Matthew Mosshart, but one thing she probably isn’t all that jazzed about the fact that she’s no longer allowed to drive after suffering a seizure earlier this year. :(

From Hello:

“I don’t know if I’m epileptic or not – it’s a waiting game right now. It’s scary and confusing.

“I’m hoping it was just a stress-induced seizure, but I have to be on anti-seizure medication for a year and I can’t drive in case I have another episode.

“Not knowing what caused it is the worst thing. There’s a chance it won’t happen again and I hope it doesn’t, though I don’t remember it.”

Damn, that’s really scary. Seriously, health is THE most important thing, and not knowing if something really serious is going on and whether or not you’ll have another seizure at any time is crazy. Here’s hoping no further incidents occur.

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  • She is on anti-seizure medication and they still think that there is a high chance she’ll have a seizure anyways? I know people who have epilepsy. They take anti-seizure drugs and are allowed to drive. I wonder who it is – that will not ‘allow’ her to drive? It can’t be a legal thing. I hope she’s okay. I’m sure it was probably a freak thing. I’ve read that most of us will have a seizure in our lives. It got such major attention because of the location and the fact that it was in a film studio. I hope the anti-seizure meds don’t create new health issues for her. She is so beautiful now and newly engaged to a pretty gorgeous man who can cook! I want to see her live happily ever after. Why not?