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Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Introduces Scratch-And-Sniff TV

mama june here comes honey boo boo

Hey who feels like vomiting today? Great, I have just the thing! Here Comes Honey Boo Boo premieres tonight with a special twist: scratch-and-sniff TV! The TLC nightmare put scratch-and-sniff cards in People and Us Weekly. And there’s a special method to this madness. From Business Week:

According to TLC, it works like this: When the show flashes numbers onscreen during the episode, viewers will be instructed to smell a correspondingly numbered card. […] if you scratch the right one during the right scene…you’ll feel like you’re experiencing a fart.

And that’s exactly what I want from my television viewing experience.

While this dastardly show isn’t the first to use Smell-O-Vision, it’s the first show in decades to do it, and the first reality show. Why couldn’t they have done this for Cupcake Wars or Top Chef?

Who would watch and do this? SHOW YOURSELF!

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  • It’s the decline of civilization. I watched this show for 15 minutes once. I thought it hysterical that Mama June needs closed captioning to interpret her speech. It amazes me that people enjoy this show. Are we a nation of almost-zombies!