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New Amanda Bynes Video Is Oddly Creepy

amanda bynes dog paparazzi

Amanda Bynes was video recorded walking around in NYC, but not regular walkin’ — fancy walkin’. Amanda. Sidewalk’s for regular walkin’ not fancy walkin’. As she’s walking she’s swaying her hips and moving her shoulders and waving her arms like she’s trying to dance and walk at the same time. Some people think it’s funny but I think it’s creepy as hell. Check it out for yourself:



Maybe the creepy thing about it is that some dude followed her and took video. That’s a paddlin’.

jasper simpsons paddle


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  • For some reason I am afraid she is gonna turn her head around, like in the Exorcist and walk like a spider. SCARY!

    Still feel bad for her, she has so many issues and needs help.

    • Why can’t someone pull a Britney Spears and have her committed for 72 hrs and get her on some meds IF that’s what’s needed? I can’t believe how fast she has fallen and how far.

  • She acts like someone who’s taking too much meth and has a serious mental illness. I know she’s a self-absorbed twit but the girl really needs to be committed before we find her dead.