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Kim K Needs 10 Hours Of Sleep So She Hired A “Night Nurse”

kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian may have given birth to baby North West aka Nori but that is in no way going to disrupt her usual routine. Apparently, Kim needs 8 – 10 hours of sleep or she “can’t function” and that’s what she’s getting, baby be damned. She hired a “night nurse.” Basically she hired someone to care for her baby when she cries at night so that Kim and sleep and have merry dreams of garden chic parties full of unicorns in Hermes suits or whatever the f-ck Kim Kardashian dreams about.

From Radaronline:

Kim “has been breast feeding Nori, and she always pumps before she goes to bed, in case the newborn wakes up in the middle of the night,” a family source tells Radar. “Kim and Kanye’s night nurse sleeps in the nursery with Nori, and if she needs a diaper change, a feeding, or just be soothed, it’s the hired help that is taking care of the baby.

“Kim wants to be well rested so she can be the best possible mom to Nori, and feels if she is sleep deprived, that isn’t going to happen. Kim is treasuring the time of being a new mom, and wants to enjoy it as much as possible, without being sleep deprived. Sleep is very, very important to Kim, without 8 to 10 hours, she just can’t function.”

lol Jesus, Kim. Welcome to motherhood. Check your sleep schedule at the door and pick it up in 18 years. Well, except that she doesn’t, she has enough money to do whatever the hell she wants for baby seaweed.

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  • So women who dont hire night nurses and are not able to get 8-10 hours of sleep are not being a good mother to their baby?

    • You took the words right out of my mouth, Sara!!! Congrats to Kim for being rich and being able to afford people to take care of the more unpleasant (to her) parts of motherhood but some of the best mothers I have ever known in my life have had babies, gotten up with babies and worked full time outside of the home….too. Choices are a wonderful thing. A lot of moms don’t have any and I don’t appreciate the subtle (?) implication that those mothers aren’t as good because they don’t get their beauty rest.

  • In other news, Kim Kardashian is a lazy ass no-talent who bamboozles the gullible morons in the USA into believing her life has some worth and meaning.

  • I dunno, if I could afford it…maybe I would. It sounds nice. If she hasn’t got a day nurse too, she’s doing better than lots of celebs, right?

  • Okay seriously? Im having a baby soon and i do like my sleep as well but thats just part of it. You have to make sacrifices.

  • Not that I give a shit about Kim Kardashian, but you all know that if you could afford a night nurse when/if you have a baby, you would totally get one.