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Katy Perry Wants Us To Know She’s Back With John Mayer

katy perry instagram 4th of july photo

Katy Perry must have thought she didn’t make enough bad decisions this year, as she appears to be back with John Mayer, wonderland destroyer. (I don’t know what I mean by that, just go with it, enjoy Friday.) Yesterday she posted the above annoying photo to her Instagram with the caption,

Whose broad stripes & bright stars?!

As of now the photo has 13.6k likes. Fans are posting comments like, “JATY IS BACK!

I know it’s just their backs, but it’s definitely them and it’s definitely him — although whether or not they’re actually “back” is unclear. From US Weekly:

An eyewitness tells Us Weekly that the pop superstar cheered on the “Paper Doll” singer while he performed at the Philly 4th of July Jam at Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia, Penn. “She watched him perform off stage and watched every second of his performance, singing along to every song and dancing,” the source tells Us. “She was so into his performance and gave him a big hug and kiss when he finished afterwards.”

So I guess she just happened to see him perform and they took a photo and no one banged each other afterwards.

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