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The Fun Continues: Target Drops Paula Deen, Too

paula deen

Just in case you forgot: Paula Deen‘s a racist and the Food Network, Walmart, Smithfield ham, Caesars Entertainment Corp and now Target want nothing to do with her. Oopsies. Target announced yesterday that they’ll begin phasing out her products and will cut all ties with Paula. Here’s their statement:

“We have made a decision to phase out the Paula Deen merchandise in our stores as well as on Once the merchandise is sold out, we will not be replenishing inventory.”

Damn, I wonder if they’ll put it on clearance. I could use a few new pans. I kid.

I’d probably start to feel bad for Paula if her reps didn’t announce yesterday that the demand for her cruise – yes, people want to go on a Paula Deen-themed cruise – was so high that they’ve added a second voyage. That’s right: for a few thousands dollars, you too could join other white people who really love being white and love saying the n-word as they sail around this beautiful planet.Hilariously, the cruises are held on Royal Caribbean vessels, but they’re bugging out and want to make it known that they’ve got nothing to do with Paula personally.

“Royal Caribbean has never had a partnership or any formal association with Paula Deen,” says Cynthia Martinez, the company’s director of global corporate communications. “She has sailed with our brands a couple of times, but as host of group cruises, and each time, the groups were booked through a specific travel agency, not through Royal Caribbean.” (via USA Today)

Haha! I mean, look, I do think we have bigger fish to fry on this planet than to make Paula Deen out to be the devil. She’s not, of course, but her willful ignorance should be punished, and it is, so that’s that. At the end of the day, she’s not really suffering, though – you can see how many people still support her bullshit, so I think she’ll be just fine.

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  • So Deen is horrible and needs to be punished and deserves all of this back lash but lil Wayne who stomped on the American flag is something we need to get over and are over reacting about? Makes sense.
    I in no way support what she said and I hate that word but let’s be fair here, she said something horrible and has done interviews and made videos and APOLOGIZED multiple times. Lil Wayne said it was misunderstood and he’s not being put through the ringer and called out on this.

  • So are they(anyone who gives them work)going to move on to Paris Hilton and Charlie Sheen, who have also used the “N” word in the past and punish them too?

  • those without sin cast the first stone,looks like we have a lot of perfect people here lol.