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50 Shades Has Its Director At Last: The Woman Who Got With Her 19 Year-Old Lead Actor

Sam Taylor-Johnson pregnant Aaron Johnson

Fifty Shades of Grey has its director and it’s not Gus Van Sant, so nobody tell him, okay? It’s Sam Taylor-Johnson (announced via Deadline). She directed the film Nowhere Boy in 2009. It was the film about John Lennon. But really, it was known for being the film about the then 42 year-old Taylor-Johnson (technically she was Taylor-Wood then) beginning relationship with the then 19 year-0ld star of her film, Aaron Johnson. They got engaged. Then she gave birth to his child the following year. And they had another kid in 2012. Then they got married.

Does any of this have anything to do with how good of a director she is? Or isn’t? I’ve never seen her work, so I don’t know. All I know is that this story will forever fascinate me and it sure doesn’t hurt considering the ~~steamy~~ nature of the Fifty Shades saga. Hollywood is probably patting themselves on the back for this one.

Congratulations, Ms. Taylor-Johnson. For the film.

19. And she was like an authority figure to him.

Still think Some Dude From Lost has the weirdest relationship?

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  • she’s so homely lookin’! MUST be great in the sack. get it, grrrrrl, that boy is crazy fine. weird turn of events for them 2, but hey, don’t knock it ’til ya try it.

  • at the end it was his desicion but i cant imagine their relationship at all. also he is way to fucking hot to be with that scarecrow, whatever age she has