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50 Shades Of Lohan?

lindsay lohan blowing a kiss

Lindsay Lohan is doing really well in rehab, which is great but isn’t exactly a career boost. A career boost would be if she got a prime big budget movie role (for a change) in a huge film everyone would see. And Lohan thinks that film is Fifty Shades Of Grey. If any of this is at all true. I think we’ve been hearing rumors about this since April, and Lohan’s never confirmed nor denied this desire.

From Naughty But Nice Rob:

Lindsay Lohan is still completing her court-ordered rehab. But after she emerges from the 90-day program, Lindsay is planning a major comeback.

“She is going to clear house. She wants rid of all the bad influencs in her life and she plans to throw herself into work,” a friend of the actress tells Naughty But Nice Rob. “She has changed, she really has changed and wants to prove it.”

The actress, who famously said she would have an Oscar one day, just might. The project that Lindsay is now pursuing is the lead in ’Fifty Shades of Grey.’

“Lindsay needs a big high profile role. She needs to be part of a movie everyone wants to see and thinks ‘Fifty’ is a role she would be perfect for,” adds one friend. “She has read the book several times and knows this is a character that she can play. She wants to be part of something iconic, something that will live forever like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games. Now, she thinks she has found it.”

What is up with everyone wanting a piece of this movie? It’s basically porn, right? I’ve never read the book, but it’s poorly written porn, isn’t it? So how would the movie be anything but a disaster and why would Lohan think it would help her?

But who know who HAS confirmed they want to be in Fifty Shades? Lohan’s Canyons‘ costar, James Deen. From Entertainment Weekly back in January, via Digital Spy:

It seems like a character [Christian Grey] I could have a lot of fun with. I’ve heard really mixed responses about it, like, ‘Oh, it’s a cheesy Twilight wannabe… [but] I think it could be fun. I feel like it could be a really cool, fun role to work on. [But] As I understand, the rumors [for Christian] are some guy who’s on a TV show on USA [Matt Bomer], some model dudes, and Ryan Gosling.

At least he knows his place.

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  • i love how these sources talk her up like she’s REALLY doing it this time, REALLY taking things seriously. but, but, i thought she was sober before going in this time?? heh, apparently not. nor will she ever be truly sober, c’moooon fuckers. oh, and making your 100th comeback in a mainstream porn sounds like the best idea ever NOT. good luck, numb nuts.

  • Whether any of this is true or not, did she watch her movie “LIz and Dick”? She really should think about finding a good acting coach and study with them for a very long time after she has finished rehab before looking for acting jobs.

  • Yes…because the role of an inexperienced virgin, at least at the start of the story, just screams Lindsay Lohan! She wouldn’t be able to pull that off even with a few Oscars under her belt!

  • Yeah 50 Shades is NOT Oscar bait. It’s a terribly written book that is fanfic porn.