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Sorry Drake, Amanda Bynes Doesn’t Want You To Murder Her Vagina After All

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Amanda Bynes has had a long and complicated “relationship” (in her head) with Drake, but alas, it’s all come to an end. She began by wanting him to murder her vagina before changing her mind and calling him ugly. She then apologised and now apparently she just can’t shake young Aubrey, as she’s been forced to take to Twitter to tell him to stop blowing up her phone all the time because she just doesn’t want to date him.

amanda bynes twitter

God, Drake, when will you learn? She just doesn’t like you like that, man. LOL @ all of this bullshit.

Amanda also revealed on her Twitter page that she’s “in between nose surgeries” and her face is black and blue because her nose is broken. I swear to God, someone needs to step in and help this girl.

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  • Im SO sick of hearing about her. She hasnt done anything relevant in years and now she just wants attention stop giving to her.

    • no. wacko bynes is way more entertaining than those kuntrashians we unfortunately see here every day now that the new devil spawn is in the “news”.