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Caption This: This Week’s Photo


Hello, beeters! It’s that time again – a new photo, a new chance to caption for a sweet Evil Beet t-shirt. Remember guys, when you walk into a spider web, see how fast you turn into a ninja. Therefore, take a look at the photo above and give us your funniest, most unique captions below, then check back next week to find out if you’ve won.

As for last week’s Sofia Vergara photo, here’s the winners below.

Winner: Louie Louie with: “Ok folks which ones are max based and which are the silicon based titties? No you can’t ask questions the IQ’s are all the same.”

Runner-up: john with: “I got a hankering for some doublemint gum”

So come on guys, get captioning on this week’s photo

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  • Is it customary for Martin Kristen to take a pic of Heidi’s crotch before starting a fitness routine?

  • “OK Martin, take a picture for your reference because this how far I had to spread for Seal’s Black Mamba and you need to start using that Duetch Penis Pump I gave you to keep up!”

  • Martin: ” OK Heidi hold that ause the guy in the green shirt is going o com down here and accidentally ram his cock in you……..kinda like I did…….and action!”

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  • Green shirt jogger … wwww oooh road block cock block. Hey buddy can I order (10) wallet size (10) 8×10 and (10) posters.

  • Here we see Heidi and Martin taking a picture of the World’s Biggest C**T for The Guiness World Records. Heidi was overheard saying, ” I can stretch further if you need me to but I will have to call my ex-husband to do it for me.”

  • Here are Martin and Heidi taking a photo with their phone knowing the NSA will hack it to look at it. Heidi figures the NSA looking at her pictures is all right considering no one else wants to look at her.

  • Heidi didn’t believe the myth about New Balance shoes permanently sticking to certain surfaces. Same thing happened when she didn’t believe what would happen when licking a frozen pole. She tried that after it was explained to her that it didn’t mean going down on an Eskimo!!!!

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  • I don’t care what kind of running start he gets! He is not going to fit in there!!! Seal didn’t stretch it out THAT MUCH!!!!!!