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Maybe Amanda Bynes Isn’t Crazy After All (Except She Totally Is)

amanda bynes

Remember the nobody asshole who got chatty with Jenny McCarthy on Twitter a while back in an attempt to stage an Amanda Bynes intervention? His name is Jonathan Jaxson and he’s a “publicist” but also swears he’s friends with Amanda. Yeah, okay buddy. Anyway, rent is nearly due and he needed a plan quick, so JonJon changed his Memaw’s contact name to “Amanda Bynes” and then stole her phone so “Amanda” could text him and admit this whole breakdown, including her arrest, is all just one big hoax. Then he leaked them to the press – as you do.

amanda bynes texts

He claimed posting these for the world to see was vital… for what reason, I’m unsure. Especially since I’m preeeeeeetty sure they’re not legit. Here’s his explanation, though:

jonathan jaxson

Ah yes, good ole “publicist” and “friend” JonJon Jaxson was doing the public a favour and sparing us all from senseless worry! Fuck off, bro. I’m not sure what he stands to gain from doing any of this – perhaps more attention for himself? At worst, he’s a liar. At best, he’s a shitty friend who has always tried using Amanda to get ahead himself, so he gets an A for Asshole rating from me regardless.

What do you think? Is Amanda putting this all on? Would an arrest and shaving your head and being an absolute mess be worth a movie role (which presumably no one would actually hire you for knowing how much trouble you are now, anyway)? It just doesn’t make sense.

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  • I don’t buy it. I mean, unless her ‘act’ consists of pushing everyone away and trying to make everyone hate her. There are other/better ways to put off a pretend-crazy vibe aside from being a complete asshole to everyone and doing shit like posting pictures of your own dad and talking about how ugly he is.

  • She better be crazy because then there will no excuse for her being such a mean spirited bitch.