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Ke$ha Admits People Think She’s Drunk All the Time


Oh, Ke$ha. All your songs are about partying and boozing it up, you drank your own piss on TV and you’re an absolute mess. It’s no wonder everyone assumes that you’re pretty much always drunk – can you blame them?

However, she assures ET Canada, that’s totally not the case. It’s just music! It’s showbiz! It’s all fake! Sure:

Ke$ha is known to embrace her wild and crazy reputation, but the singer tells ETCanada’s Roz Weston that there is one misconception about herself in particular that she’d like to correct.

“People do expect me to be drunk most hours of everyday,” the 26-year-old said of how she’s perceived by the public. “Not to disappoint you, but I’m not wasted right now.”

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Another point she hopes to prove is the validity of her boundary-pushing reality show, My Crazy Beautiful Life.

From chewing on fans’ beards to drinking her urine on a dare, Ke$ha insists the series paints an honest portrait of her day-to-day experiences.

“There’s not one moment on the show that’s been scripted or fake,” she maintained. “It’s my life. It’s balls out.”

Uh, okay. What does that even mean – your life is “balls out”? I mean, I get colloquially what it’s supposed to mean, but Ke$ha needs to take a seat and calm the hell down.

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