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Nope, Not Weird At All: Leonardo DiCaprio Walks Around Venice In A Black Mask

leonardo dicaprio wears a black mask in venice, italy

Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t known for being an eccentric, quirky, or flat-out bizarre celebrity. Quite the opposite. Which is why it’s kind of weird to see these photos of him walking around Venice, Italy in a strange black mask…complete with a slice of pizza, because, you know, why not? This will probably be the first and only time we will ever compare Leonardo DiCaprio to Michael Jackson, so let’s enjoy it.

I don’t know how we even know this is him, but E Online is standing behind it, and I trust them. They made sure to make a Man in the Iron Mask reference, which is great, because now I don’t have to.

He was also seen walking around pulling the hood of his hoodie firmly down over his face. Still not as creepy as this though.

leonardo dicaprio hiding behind hood in venice, italy

The hell is he doing? Guess he’s taking Cara Delevingne’s alleged rejection a little too seriously.

I’m impressed he made it safely into his gondola. How awesome would it have been if he missed and fell into the canal?

leonardo dicaprio under a hood in a gondola in venice, italy

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