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No Shit, Sherlock of the Day: Michael Douglas Says There Are Closeted Actors in Hollywood


michael douglas

Uh, ya think? I mean, unless you were born without eyes and ears and a working brain, this is not news. Obviously there are closeted actors in Hollywood. Hundreds of them, I’m sure! Michael Douglas – who loves making out with Matt Damon but is otherwise pretty straight – thinks this is news, though, so whatever.

From Shortlist:

Do you think that the public would struggle to deal with an openly gay actor playing a straight man? It seems to happen a lot the other way round…

It’s a good question. Without naming names, I certainly think there are a couple of people out there who have not come out in the spirit of protecting their careers and livelihoods. It’s probably a little bit more difficult going that way. I think that’s true.

Well, yeah. Come on, think of some off the top of your head. John Travolta is the most obvious. Hugh Jackman has also been the subject of a lot of talks. It’s too hot to think anymore, but I’m sure you all know of plenty.

It’s a shame that people can’t just be who the hell they are at all times. Why in the hell should you have an issue with a gay actor playing a straight character? It’s called acting, for fuck’s sake. Are you uneasy that an actor is playing a doctor since he’s not really one in real life? I mean, come on, people.

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  • Is it me or is Michael Douglas looking better than he has in years? It is great to see him looking healthy again! (And, yeah, half of Hollywood is gay or bi….yeah, yeah…they can all come out already cuz nobody cares anymore.)

  • Kanye west ! I wonder how Kim will feel when she has to drop her kid off to spend time with kanye and his lover ! It was probably Kanye’s plan the whole time to have her carry a kid for him and his lover ! Would love to see the look on her face when she finds out ! Now that’s an E! Special !

  • nothing new he says: tom cruise, will smith, hugh jackman, justin bieber, george clooney, taylor lautner…. and the queen of them all, John travolta….