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Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert Are Fine, Ya Nosy Bastards

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Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert have a marriage made in country heaven, though some people would really like to destroy that and/or make you think it’s not working out. People have claimed that Miranda cheated with Brad Paisley or someone of the sort, and Blake is always accused of getting it on with someone or other. These rumours are totally unsubstantiated, of course, but since they were both married to other people when they got together, people like to give them a hard time. Y’all see how bad LeAnn has it!

Anyway, Blake’s calling bullshit on all of it and claims that he lets Miranda go through his phone and computer. Uh, if your partner doesn’t trust you to the point where they feel the NEED to go through your shit like that, I think it’s a problem. But perhaps he’s just being anecdotal.

From People:

“[I tell Miranda], ‘I have nothing to hide from you,’ ” he says.

In fact, The Voice judge says one secret to making their marriage work is giving Lambert access to his phone – if she wants it. “That’s always been our policy: ‘Here’s my phone. Go through it,’ ” he says.

“That’s really the kind of trust we have,” Shelton continues. “There are no secrets. [I’ll say,] ‘Go dig through my drawers or my computer if you feel like you need to.’ And that’s been a really good thing, because I don’t want her to ever have any doubts.”

Well, that’s… special. But she shouldn’t have any doubts because you’re her husband and she trusts that your relationship is strong. Of course, lots of people get cheated on when they think their partner is faithful, so I dunno. In any case, I think these two are probably fine.

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  • Ugh…if she ‘needs’ to go through his phone or computer – then she is one insecure person. Boundaries people..boundaries…

  • If he/she needs to go through one another’s phone, then there is no trust. If they trusted one another 100% they shouldn’t have to ask or question looking into their emails/phones.

  • Reading


    Reading + Comprehension

    Reading Comprehension

    Blake Shelton never said Miranda Lambert felt the need to look through his phone, etc. He IS saying that the option is there for her to take should she ever feel the need to use it.

    If you’re going to analyze the crap out of a soundbite, at minimum you should get on the right track.

  • Where do you get this “both married to other people” business?? No. Incorrect. Blake is Miranda’s first and only husband. Blake was previously married. Get your facts right, please.