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  • Hi Catherine. Please post the rest of the story where Dunham wishes our men and women in uniform a happy memorial day by stating she’s peed in cups.

    you somehow failed to note that in your slanted story.

    • She actually said that she’s already peed in two different Starbucks today… Classless, but nothing to get your panties in a wad over.

  • “Happy Memorial Day! I’ve already peed in two different Starbucks bathrooms!”
    The two statements should not be juxtaposed, but that’s why she typed it. It’s ironic humor. Everyone pretends like they sit around thinking about soldiers’ sacrifices, but the truth is that most people spend the day doing something frivolous. She’s calling attention to the disconnect between what Memorial Day is supposed to be and the reality of what it is for most people.

      • Uh…no. Actually what she did fits several different definitions of irony:

        1. pretended ignorance
        2. the use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning
        3. a manner of organizing a work so as to give full expression to contradictory or complementary impulses, attitudes, etc.
        4. mockery of something or someone

        While Alanis Morrisette is confused about irony, I have noticed that many people who themselves have no understanding of irony like to haphazardly label any instance of irony they fail to grasp immediately as “Alanis Morrissette ironic.” Dictionaries are accessible and easy to use, even on the internet, which I guess is where you were “educated.”

      • Also, quite the angry aggressive freakout to my innocuous smiley comment. Unnecessary. Do you have your period?

      • Aggressive? No, my response was assertive, disdainful, informed, and thorough. How convenient for you to have meant nothing at all by your comment. No one uses that “Alanis Morissette ironic” b.s. unless s/he sincerely means to say someone has misunderstood or misused irony. Nice try though…

      • This clearly seems to be a case of tone being unable to be communicated over writing. Same problem with most texts and emails.

  • I’m sorry I’m off topic here, but wasn’t Lena Dunham cast to be more of an “average” looking female in the first place? Those twats who sent those tweets should be ignored. I wish she hadn’t even mentioned them.

  • ONE person (an ASSHOLE) tweeted that to Lena. One.

    And her buddy Dan Savage, who just a few weeks ago wished cancer on Sarah Palin came running to her rescue, because you know: BULLYING.

    Glass houses.

  • I feel like she wears clothes that intentionally make her look bad. She’s not totally unattractive, but she constantly chooses outfits that are not the right color, fit, or cut for her frame. She needs a stylist – and some good shapewear.

    • yeah, totally. above photo is just…awful…
      side note: Girls = new york hipster porn pretty much. what a gross genre of humans. can anyone vouch for the 2nd season; did it actually get better?? ’cause i quit watchin’ otherwise.

    • I was thinking that myself. Shes a really cute girl, but her in that gold dress is just awful. She looks about 45 years old. She looked cuter and younger in the shorts and sweater pictures. She should get a stylist, I can see her looking good in some zooey deschanel style clothing.

  • This thread is hilarious “is it Alanis Morissette ironic?” LOLing. Perfect. A+. Every award ever.

    There are some major assholes in the world, but someone wishing cancer is a new level of low. Stick to Aids! j/k. I might be one of the few who find this story hilarious. PS.. Unless the person hoping for the cancer is a wizard or a warlock I wouldn’t worry. I’m sure Lena will be fine.

    I hated the second season of Girls. Each episode had no connection to the previous. I didn’t buy into the scenarios. No matter how “meta” people say it is.