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Eva Longoria Is Totes Happy Being Single, Guys!

eva longoria

Eva Longoria may be ready for love, but she wants you to know that she’s totally happy being on her own, too! She has tons of friends (who I assume are also single) that hang out at her house and they all cook together and have pillow fights and watch Brad Pitt movies and prank call boys. Life is so fun!!

Okay, I kid, but seriously – why in the hell are we always talking about who Eva is or isn’t dating? My eyes are rolling so far back in my head that I nearly can’t see the screen to type anymore. I don’t really think that’s her fault, either. Ever since Tony Parker cheated on her, all anyone wants to talk about is when she’ll get another man in her life. Bah.

From Hello (via DS):

”I’m happily single right now, very busy enjoying life.”

She added: ”My friends are always there for me. We’ve known each other for 20 years and I still see them almost every day because they live with me in LA.

”They’re amazing. We cook together, laugh together; it’s just always nice to come home to a home that is always full.”

Kewl story, girl. Sounds like my nightmare (I’m antisocial, if you couldn’t tell), but I’m happy for you! In all seriousness, there ain’t shit wrong with hanging out with your girlfriends and watching shitty TV while you eat an entire pizza, so how about everyone just leaves her alone?

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  • Surely they don’t actually live WITH her in L.A. but just live in town, right? I mean wow. If I came home after a long day and had a bunch of my friends eating my food, wearing my makeup & clothes (if I were Eva, I would have nice makeup and clothes) and just generally in my business, I would NOT be amused. At all. The words “Get the f**k OUT you lazy b*tches!” comes to mind. But that’s just me.

  • I’m with you all the way on this (mostly the antisocial part). Ask any of my “friends”… hah hah! No, I don’t think Eva Longoria can’t get whoever she wants whenever she wants.. And she looks like she hasn’t aged a minute in however long of 15 minutes her fame has lasted….