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Where Does The Time Go? See What The Baby From The Hangover Looks Like Now

Galifianakis baby hangover

Zach Galifianakis changed the life of one lucky little baby forever when he made him THE essential part of the Halloween costume of 2009, and then annoyingly enough, every year after. I’m talking about the baby strapped to his chest in The Hangover, of course. Yeah, that was a real baby, and not CGI wizardly as we’re so used to seeing nowadays. Real babies are the ultimate special effect. You want to wow your audience, throw a baby in the movie.

That baby is 4 years-old now. And that scares me. You don’t think 4 years can go by quickly and you don’t think people can change a lot in 4 years (Galifianakis certainly didn’t), but then you’re reminded that baby —–> toddler is a massive and major transformation. So take a look!

zach Galifianakis hangover kid grown up



His name is Grant Holmquist.

Are you going to see The Hangover Part III?

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  • Oh, not in the “I’m going to the theater and spending 11 dollars on a ticket” kinda “going to see” it, but I will see it eventually.
    Both other episodes were quite good. The photos after are always my favorite part of the movie.

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