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GQ‘s Men of the Year Do Not Disappoint

GQ 'Men of the Year'

GQ’s Men of the Year issue is hitting stands in December, and while I usually think these sort of lists are pointless and open to much debate, I’m thinking they did a pretty good job this year, starting with the smokin’ Chris Pine. Damn. I’d like to Star his Trek, if you know what I’m saying. (I’m saying I’d like to “do it” with him.) Also given special edition covers are the Hangover boys, and anyone who’s loved Zach Galifianakis forever and a day like I have is also probably psyched to see him blow up and finally get major recognition for being the genius that he is. Also, Clint Eastwood, who I would not “do”, but with whom I would like to share a very nice dinner and conversation is mentioned, along with my man himself, Barry O. If they’d gotten Balloon Boy on a cover, I think the whole thing would be just PERFECT.

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